Forensic DNA Extraction

Challenges for forensic DNA extraction

  • Sample Quality: Forensic samples are often degraded, contaminated, or present in very small quantities, making DNA extraction challenging. Factors such as exposure to environmental conditions, handling practices, and biological materials present in the sample can affect DNA quality and yield.
  • Presence of Inhibitors: Forensic samples may contain inhibitors such as chemicals, proteins, or substances used in preservation methods, which can interfere with DNA extraction and downstream analysis. These inhibitors can lead to reduced DNA yield, PCR amplification failure, or inaccurate genotyping results.
  • Cellular Material Diversity: Forensic samples can consist of various biological materials, including blood, saliva, semen, hair, and tissue, each with its own challenges for DNA extraction. Different extraction methods may be required to effectively recover DNA from different sample types.
  • Non-human DNA Contamination: Non-human DNA contamination in forensic samples poses challenges such as false results or inconclusive interpretations, potentially originating from various sources during sample collection, handling, processing, or analysis. Interference during PCR-based STR analysis may lead to allelic dropout or inaccurate genotyping. Analyzing complex mixtures containing human and non-human DNA can be challenging, particularly with high concentrations of non-human DNA. Inhibition by substances within non-human DNA can hinder PCR reactions, resulting in reduced efficiency or inaccurate allele sizing, complicating result interpretation.


Two specialized platforms from Bioclone: The BcMag™ Easy Forensic DNA Extraction Platform and the BcMag™ Tough Forensic Sample DNA Extraction Platform. These platforms are meticulously designed to facilitate the extraction of DNA from challenging forensic samples, such as those exhibiting degradation, contamination, or resistance to lysis, and those available in limited quantities.


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